Monthly Archives: January 2012

Home prices fall again

According to the Standard & Poor’s Case Schiller index, the home prices in the nation’s largest cities fell again in November.  19 of the 20 cities, tracked, including Chicago, were in negative territory.  The index was down 3.7% compared to November of 2010.

Typically, home prices fall during the winter months as most people tend to buy homes and condos in the spring and summer months.  These are signs that the housing and condo market continues to still be weak and that prices will still be soft in the next few months.

Real Estate Agents Serving West Loop

Living with the West Loop area makes it ideal for us to serve as West Loop Real Estate agents.  We know the area better than anyone else.  We live within her streets.  We dine at the restaurants on Randolph Street Market.  We know the quality of the beers being served up at the Publican.  We understand the value of the different properties within West Loop.  We can explain to those looking to buy West Loop property why one property is more valuable than other based on their location and what is around them.  We know the demand of living near Randolph Street versus living near Grenshaw Street.

We live in the neighborhood  so we can effectively help you buy or sell property in West Loop.